Maximize Your 2023
Year-End Fundraising:

A 3-Part Masterclass Series for Christian Nonprofits

June 13 • June 15 • June 20
All calls are at: 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am CT / 10am PT

Don't Leave Money on the Table:

Discover the Ultimate Year-End Fundraising Tactics
to Maximize Your Nonprofit's Impact

As you may know, end-of-year giving is a significant period for charitable donations.

  • Peak Donation Period: The period between Thanksgiving (late November) and New Year's Eve is considered the peak donation season, with a substantial increase in giving during this time.

  • The Giving Season: According to the Nonprofit Source, approximately 30% of all charitable giving occurs in December, and about 10% of donations are made in the last three days of the year.

  • Donor Generosity: Studies show that donors tend to be more generous during the holiday season and may be motivated by a desire to give back and support causes they care about.

  • Online Giving: According to GivingTuesday's Digital Giving Index, online donations in December are 52% higher compared to other months.

  • Donor Retention: The end-of-year period presents an opportunity to engage with existing donors, express gratitude, and cultivate relationships. Donor retention efforts during this time can have long-term effects on sustaining support beyond the year-end campaign.

But do you have a solid plan to seize the power of year-end giving? If not, then register for this free 3-part masterclass series.

Who is This For?

This webinar is designed for Christian nonprofit professionals, leaders, and volunteers who are passionate about advancing their organization's mission through successful year-end fundraising.

Our expert panel of fundraising professionals will dive deep into the world of successful year-end fundraising. We will share proven tactics that have helped numerous Christian nonprofits surpass their fundraising goals:

  1. Uncover the key elements of a compelling year-end campaign that resonates with your donors.

  2. Discover effective communication strategies to engage and inspire generosity within your donor base.

  3. Learn how to leverage digital platforms, AI, and social media to amplify your fundraising efforts.

  4. Explore innovative ways to cultivate relationships and nurture long-term donor loyalty.

  5. Gain insights into donor psychology and behavior to craft personalized and impactful fundraising appeals.

Meet Our Panel of Guest Experts

Mary Valloni

Mary is a widely respected fundraising expert whose clients include The American Cancer Society, The Special Olympics, The ALS Association, as well as faith-based organizations like The Museum of the Bible and Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

James Harrington

James is the founder and CEO of The Ugandan Water Project. He will provide “boots on the ground” expertise and insight to raising funds, which has done so successfully for UWP since 2009. UWP has provided clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people and continues to lead the way in setting industry standards for water solution excellence.

Mike Kim

Mike is a communications strategist and author of the Wall St. Journal bestselling book, You Are the Brand. A respected expert in branding, storytelling, he has worked with and influential leaders and organizations like John Maxwell, People of the Second Chande, StoryBrand, and Catalyst Leadership.

Robby Fowler

Robby is a marketing and operations strategist with deep roots in ministry and nonprofit work. He will share the latest innovations in online apps, tools, and AI platforms you can use to shave hours off your workweek and streamline your productivity.

Don't Leave Money on the Table:

Discover the Ultimate Year-End Fundraising Tactics to Maximize Your Nonprofit's Impact

June 13 • June 15 • June 20
All calls are at: 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am CT / 10am PT

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