The Missionary Support Raising Roadmap
How The Support Raising Roadmap Will Help You
The 7 Steps to Fundraising Freedom
Many missionaries are trained to ask for support (Step 6 - Organize Your Ask) and how to get on the mission field (Step 7 - Make Your Difference), but often miss the first 5 steps. In this roadmap key masterclass you’ll find out where you are in the support raising process and pick up any components you may be missing to ensure your long-term success.
The Exact Steps to Create Clear and Compelling Asks for Support
The Support Raising Roadmap includes highly detailed exercises that walk you through the setup of your support campaigns from start to finish. You’ll learn everything you need to do to get started, from focusing your vision, recruiting a team of volunteers (yes, they’re out there!) and making your difference.
Stay on Track in the Early Stages
(Or Improve What You’re Already Doing)
Consistency is the key with raising long-term support. It’s easy to run out of steam after your first few campaigns, especially if you’re busy in the field doing ministry work. This Support Raising Roadmap includes planning exercises and even budget projections to help you stay on track throughout the year (and hint -- you can use the roadmap over and over!)
Mike Kim
& Mary Valloni
We're Mary Valloni and Mike Kim, and the system we provide eliminates stress and helps you grow your donor base, stay "top of mind" with supporters, and build relationships in a way that creates dependable, reliable support for your ministry … every single month.

We've helped organizations like the American Cancer Society, the ALS Association, and Special Olympics and ministries like Catalyst and People of the Second Chance generate millions of dollars. We've seen what works (and what doesn't) and we're here to help you build long-term financial support.
Ready to Get Started?
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